Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of star topologies

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Task - Provide short answers to the following six questions:

Question 1: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of star, bus, and mesh physical topologies. Provide real examples of each type.

Question 2: Explain why the OSI model is better than the TCP/IP model. Why hasn't it taken over from the TCP/IP model?

Question 3: Calculate the approximate bit rate and signal level(s) for a 3.5 MHz bandwidth system with a signal to noise ratio of 133.

Question 4: Compare IPv4 and IPv6 private addressing. Discuss address ranges and relative sizes. Why don't the same private addresses in different locations cause conflict on the Internet?

Question 5: According to RFC1939, a POP3 session is one of the following states: closed, authorization, transaction or update. Draw a diagram to show these four states and how POP3 moves between them.

Question 6: What is a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and how is it used in P2P networks? Briefly explain how a DHT works with an example of a P2P network.

Reference no: EM131199428

Explain the basics of networking and security issues

The project text needs to be grammatically correct with correct spelling and sentence structure when applicable. Remember to cite ideas that are not your own - Explain the b

Divide network in two vlans for clients and server

In your network, you could use layer 3 switch, divide the network in two VLANs, one for clients, another one for  server and route between them using routing capabilities.

Assume that routing tables change frequently

Show that even with the above restrictions, it is possible that a message traverses the network and never stops (well, it will stop when its time-to-live expires, but assume

Authentication factor utilized by authentication server

which authentication factor is being utilized by authentication server which respond to login request by creating a random number or code.

Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem

Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and identify potential effects and implement the solution or escalate as necessary - process of troubleshooting of a network

Provide a historical timeline of homeland security

Provide a historical timeline of homeland security incidents/events (natural and man-made) along with the call for improved preparedness, response and recovery needs that le

Case study - wal-mart stores in 2003

For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2003, Wal-Mart Stores, a retailer, posted net income of $8 billion on sales of $245 billion, up 21% and 12% respectively from the prev

Two of the characteristics of an ethernet 802.3 network

Two of the characteristics of an Ethernet 802.3 network are a shared bus and CSMA/CD. Explain in detail how a switch interacts with those characteristics.



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This assessment questions consists of six questions assessing a basic understanding of network & data communication models, next generation IP and application layer paradigm. This assessment questions covers the following learning objectives: explain and define various Internet technologies; analyse and describe the role and importance of Internet technologies in the modern world; and explain how different application layer services such as peer-to-peer and client-server paradigms work in the Internet. Your answers should be clear, concise and to the point. Prepare a single document along with title page and submit it.

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