Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of histograms
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In this assignment, you will share your thoughts on the following questions:

- Discuss circumstances under which it is preferable to use relative frequency distributions instead of frequency distributions?

- Why shouldn't classes overlap when one summarizes continuous data?

- Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of histograms versus stem-and-leaf plots.

Since the goal is for our online discussions to be active and engaging, we ask that you make your initial post and also respond to at least two other posts. Make sure you read the "Discussion Grading Rubric" under "Syllabus" link before getting started with this assignment.


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The present paper is about the usage of histograms and stem and leaf plots for a given set of data. The usage of data continuous data in preparing relative frequency distributions with defined classes that don’t overlap and the result can be accurately obtained. Usage of various statistical tools for various kinds of data according to the requirement.

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