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Writing block has been a condition that has plagued writers, but it should not have the same kind of paralyzing impact to a researcher because academic writing is the celebration of the research. A researcher is not pulling things from the thin air, but rather writes critically about their research project and their findings. A person has spent months conducting a study and analyzing the data. There are pages and pages of information staring the researcher in the face. How can they have writer’s block? The primary reason seems to be when a researcher attempts to go beyond their role. They want to write a book before they communicate the study. Or they want to write something before they conduct research. Not everything is book worthy, especially when it comes to research. Most research projects have a very narrow scope and an even more narrow audience. Many doctoral students are inspired by books, but they are the least used resource in your dissertation project because most lack academic rigor. Please discuss three books you think could be helpful to your dissertation topic and discuss the academic rigor found in the books.

Reference no: EM13970579

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