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A Business Proposal - Customer Records Management Replacement System for the fictional organisation Tangle Corp that is presented in this subject. This document will be made available via the Resources section of Interact for this subject.

The document you are to read is a fictional business proposal aimed at the senior management of a fictional company Tangle Corp. This proposal is an attempt by members of the junior management team to convince the key senior decision makers of the value of such an investment for the business and why they should approve it.

You are to analyse and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this business proposal to achieve its intended purpose in three key areas as follows:

The format, structure, layout, and flow of the message in the document. Explore how the points made are structured and sequenced, and how they interact to form a clear and compelling message.

The language style, written expression, context, and other aspects of written business communication. How the author has used language to express their points? How that might impact the effectiveness of the document?

The persuasiveness of the actual message, its use of SPIN and similar ideas, its ability to conjure support and buy-in from its audience, and the overall compelling effectiveness of the document.

In all cases above you may include any recommendations for improvement of the document if that helps you make your points. You can also highlight specific examples of success or strength in the document to help make your points.

In addition, your own critique document will be assessed on your ability to put together a document that has a clear message, is expressive and is persuasive (all three of these points above). It should contain a brief introduction and summary or conclusion.


Develop an understanding of how written communication can be used to present ideas, and how such presentation can influence decision making. Students should demonstrate knowledge of how even the smallest aspects of such documents can be relevant by highlighting them as either strengths or weaknesses of the provided proposal document. Students should also demonstrate knowledge of communication art, theory and practice in the creation of their own critique by leveraging or adhering to all of the principles they have studied in this subject.

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Reference no: EM13650208

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