Discuss strategic value of personnel training or development

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Assignment 2: Discussion Question

Part 1: Discuss the strategic value of personnel training and development. What are the implications for the MNC?

Part 2: Look back on your work for the assignments in this course and reflect on the problems and recommendations related to the organizations expanding their operations globally. How do the risk assessments and recommendations for the global organizations compare to domestic organizations?

Reference no: EM131301454

Internationalisation process of the firm

Overview of the company as an MNC Country analysis Climate of the industry in the host country Internationalisation process of the firm (how?why? with whom?key challenges?)

Simple concept-paid keyword advertising

Google built their business success on a simple concept-paid keyword advertising. Although advertising remains the primary source of Google revenue, the company has explored

Discuss the four components of hipaa

Identify and discuss the four components of HIPAA. For each component, identify a violation that may occur in a healthcare setting that might lead to an investigation by the

Important element of globalization and ipe

The ease of travel, an important element of globalization and IPE, can spread disease from one region to another in record time. As such, the potential for a deadly global p

Find the marshallian demands

Assume that there are two types of consumers. In particular, consumers of type 1 has utility function u(x, y) = x0.5 y0.5, whereas consumer of type 2 has u(x, y) = x0.3 y0.7.

Firm realize an economic profit

Refer to the above data. If the product price is $75, at its optimal output, will the firm realize an economic profit, break even, or incur an economic loss? How much will t

Determining the change in taxes

If the MPC is 0.75, what will be the required change in taxes? (Enter only numbers, a decimal point, and a negative sign if necessary; round your answer to two decimal plac

Explain what are the benefits/downsides of creating

Explain What are the benefits/downsides of creating manufacturing operations outside the United states and What are the advantages/disadvantages of just-in-time manufacturin


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