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Ten Year Class Reunion Estimate/Schedule Project

You are planning a ten year class reunion for your former high school. You have been selected as the project manager to plan this event. Your high school has given you a firm budget of $15,000 to plan this event. Answer the following questions:

1. Make a list of things you must consider when creating your estimate for the reunion (i.e. food, entertainment, do you need a team of people to help?). Give approximate costs when you are creating this list. You do not have to go out and call hotels or restaurants, but put numbers to the items you have on your list. Make sure that your totals do not exceed the $15,000 firm budget.

2. The date the reunion will take place will be one year from this coming Saturday. Create a schedule with dates (mm/dd/yyyy format) leading up to the date of the reunion. List specific tasks that you need to do, or have done to plan a complete reunion (hint: you may want to go back and read about the process groups of initiate, plan, execute, and close to help with your schedule). You can search for free project schedule templates on the Internet to help you.

3. Discuss some of the schedule risks you may encounter putting together this type of estimate in a paragraph or two (what can go wrong?)

Reference no: EM131045213

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