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Read the "Research Areas of Emphasis in Professional Psychology" article and select a topic of psychological research discussed in the article (e.g., evidence-based treatments, veterans/active military, multicultural issues, ethical issues, natural disasters, forensic, health, child psychology, suicide, chronic pain, rural practice, interpersonal violence, graduate/internship training and education, managed care issues, or professional roles). This topic will be used as the focus of the literature review you will be creating as part of your Final Project, as well as for aspects of other assignments within this course, so select a topic that is of personal interest to you.

In your post, discuss some of the methodological issues unique to this psychological research.

- State the topic you selected and then write two potential research questions that could be explored on the topic you selected.

- Identify at least one potential research design to answer each of the research questions you wrote (you will identify a total of two designs).

- Each question will require a different research design to be selected to investigate the topic.


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The paper is about how we need to choose any one topic of research. The topic of research that the author chooses is Ethical issue. There is complete description as to what all ethical issues are there that can affect the system and the two research question pertaining to the same. It also talks about how we need to follow two different approaches for the purpose of fulfilling the research related to these questions and the best methods that are described are longitudinal and Cohort study method. The complete paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office.

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There are a lot of interesting topics which are part of the research on psychology but the topic that I choose here is ethical issues. Ethical issues basically concern the right or wrong in any situation and trying to recover what should be the best course of action that needs to be followed in any particular situation.

It guides us in knowing how we can be in accordance to the standards and rules for any situation and what steps shall be the best in this direction. It defines the principles that need to be followed in our conduct either at home or at work to ensure right decisions are made (Robson, C., 1993).

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