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According to Broward Health, "there are over 80 different types of sleep disorders that affect more than 40 million Americans." Perhaps you or someone you know is affected. What has the chapter taught you about your sleep pattern (whether healthy or dysfunctional), and what steps help contribute to good sleep? Discuss sleep hygiene techniques. How would you help a client with a common sleep disorder such as insomnia?

Book: Carlson, Neil R. (2013). Physiology of Behavior (11th ed). Pearson Education, Inc.

Note: You can use other sources too but the book's notes must be included. Please, this work has to be done on the person's own words. NO copy and paste from any article. If you use any word that is not yours, please cite it and you must provide all the references at the end of your paper.

Reference no: EM131132696

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