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Client is studying master in computer security and forensic. Have to do report in mobile forensic module.

It is expected that in the next decade mobile devices will become the primary device for accessing the internet and conducting personal and company businesses. Most analysts predict that the number of mobile devices will exceed the population of the world soon. As the mobile devices consolidate their top position, they will hold more sensitive and personally identifiable information. The presence of this information and the usage of the mobile devices to access enterprise application will attract attackers. Therefore, it is important for the security and forensics of mobile devices to be well understood. The need for proper mobile devices forensic investigations is growing every day as new methods, technologies, and reasons for investigations are discovered.

In this assignment you will be required to research on state of the art in undertaking mobile device forensics. Specifically you may wish to consider the following items in your research:

  • Clearly show the difference between forensics, computer forensics and mobile device forensics.
  • Discuss several definition mobile device forensics.
  • Discuss the rate of change in technology and how it affects mobile device forensics.
  • Why not continue to use well tested methods, tools and protocols we are using today?
  • Why mobile device forensics? Why now?
  • Mobile devices OS forensics.
  • Incident response and live analysis
  • Challenges of trace back and attribution
  • Large-scale investigations using mobile devices
  • Digital evidence storage and preservation
  • Data recovery and reconstruction
  • Lawful interception
  • Counter surveillance in mobile devices
  • Digital evidence, ethics, policies and the law
  • Mobile devices malware forensics
  • Non-traditional approaches to mobile device forensic analysis
  • Mobile devices forensics standardization and accreditation

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Reference no: EM131430970

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Total 25 pages paper. Client is studying master in computer security and forensic .Have to do report in mobile forensic module. Notes attached. Each report should include at least 12 specific themes - 10 of which can be chosen from above and 2 must be your own choice. Write a report of at most 25 pages from your research. Excluding table of content, references.m your system.

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