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Answer the following four questions in the form of essays with 250-300 words for each essay. Use journal articles, cases from our readings, or other authoritative sources to support your ideas. Use correct in-text citations and ONE list of references at the bottom of the exam. I will use Turn-it-in to check for originality.

These criteria will be used to evaluate your submission:

• Quality and originality of the response to each question
• Research reflected in each response
• Grammar/spelling/communications style.

Question 1: Copyright versus Academic Integrity

Compare and contrast copyright and academic integrity. Discuss restrictions on copying imposed by copyright law. Discuss restrictions on plagiarism and paraphrasing in the University's academic integrity policy. Discuss similarities and differences between these two sets of restrictions.

Question 2: Analysis of a Current IT Security Breach

Choose an IT security breach that has occurred during the current semester (August 2015-present) and illustrates legal concepts that this course has covered to date. Prepare an essay that describes the issue - citing factual sources as well as sources that may illuminate the issues, as you now understand them. Discuss the legal framework around this issue/event. Analyze the facts in light of the legal framework and offer your own conclusion on who should be responsible from a legal or ethical perspective.

Question 3: Ethical Decision Making

The city will face catastrophic flooding following the failure of its power grid and the infrastructure, which supports that grid. As the Chief Technology Officer for a local power company, you must decide where to send limited company resources after a regional disaster. Using ethical decision making frameworks provided in the course, outline the actions you will take and justify them on ethical grounds.

Question 4: Electronic Medical Records

Consider a fictional health care organization, which is planning to implement an automated patient care system that will enable the organization to electronically share information with their patients. They would like to provide patients with access to medical records, submit consent forms for treatment, and enable electronic payment of bills. Address ethical and legal concerns of the new patient care system. Also, identify relevant security technologies necessary to protect the privacy of patients and laws necessary to protect the privacy of patients.

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Reference no: EM131443959

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