Discuss potential pros and cons of the aggregation process

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Discuss the potential pros and cons of the aggregation process that must be done prior to developing the S&OP. For example, what are the trade-offs when deciding to aggregate the data into quarters instead of by month? What are the trade-offs when deciding how many product definitions to include in a "product family"?

Reference no: EM131423576

How will the second delivery make your job easier

Suppose you work at a sushi restaurant known for its amazing hamachi (yellowtail) sashimi. It is your job to place an order each morning for hamachi. What inventory model we

Are these assumptions valid and how do you judge validity

BST333 Logistics Modelling Assignment. SIMULATION EXPERIMENT ON THE EFFECT OF PRODUCTION DEFECTS. For the model presented in §2, think about the following: What assumptions ar

Supply chain manager of organization

Outline the background and purpose of this report (about 100 words) and provide key information about the selected organization - supply chain manager of this organization

Differences between integrative and distributive negotiation

Describe the differences between integrative and distributive negotiations and cite a situation in which distributive negotiation is more appropriate than integrative negotiat

Describe your target market

This is the next step in creating your marketing plan. Please follow the directions in Week One and reference the marketing plan outline in Appendix A of your text. •Describe

Take a process that you encounter on a daily basis

1.Take a process that you encounter on a daily basis, such as the lunch cafeteria or the journey from your home to school/work, and identify the bottlenecks that limit the thr

What recommendations would you give to management of otis

Assume that you are hired as a consultant to help Otis Toy Trains. What recommendations would you give to the management of Otis regarding the attractiveness of this proposa

Evaluating supply chain performance

From the e-Activity, choose a company that sells a service or a product. Evaluate its supply chain performance effectiveness in terms of responsiveness, technology, and cust


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