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What have made the guerrilla marketing so successful are the marketing strategies. Rather than spending large sums of money to create one way messages, guerrilla marketers develop creative ways to put their marketing messages and collateral right in front of consumers in the real world. Popular guerrilla strategies include discreetly leaving marketing collateral all around events, putting on public displays that arouse people's curiosity. The guerrilla marketing strategies also were doing anything that would gain free media coverage to spread the word of a brand.

  • Discuss possible best practices from the guerrilla marketing campaign that different types of small businesses could leverage. Provide specific examples to support your response.

Best practices from the guerrilla marketing campaign that different types of small businesses could leverage are knowing how to be creative, know what your customers want, and utilize the power of the media. Being creative and knowing what the customers want will allow your marketing to have a direction of how to market. This also allows the small business to see what direction the business is going in. Knowing that the product that you have is a need and why it's need is a plus to making the marketing area boost the business. The power of the media allows different areas of the world be reach what it is your business is selling. This will also enhance the mobility of the business products.

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