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Given the Case Study.
Read the Case and answer the following Questions.

1. As a group, discuss Nolan's ethical responsibilities in this situation.

2. Independent of your answer to requirement (1), assume that Nolan learns that Borman of Web Graphic has decided to postpone the special paper order required for SofTech's printing job; Nolan believes Borman must have heard rumors about SofTech's financial problems from some other source because she has not talked to Borman. Should Nolan tell the appropriate SofTech officials that Borman has postponed the paper order? Explain your answer.

3. Independent of your answers to the first two requirements, assume that Borman has decided to postpone the special paper order because he has learned of SofTech's financial problems from some source other than Nolan. In addition, Nolan realizes that Jim Grason, SofTech's purchasing manager, knows of her friendship with Borman. Now Nolan is concerned that Grason may suspect she told Borman of SofTech's financial problems when Grason finds out Borman has postponed the order. Describe the steps that Nolan should take to resolve this situation.

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Reference no: EM131198784

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