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Morbidity and mortality are the two demographic phenomena most commonly studied in epidemiology. These two phenomena allow us to view disease trends and associated changes over time.

Discuss morbidity and mortality in terms of how you would use them in developing prevention strategies aimed at increasing attention to disease and decreasing adverse health outcomes. Which phenomenon is better to study to develop preventive strategies? Why?

Justify your response using examples and reasoning. Comment on the postings of at least two classmates, explaining whether you agree or disagree with their views.

Evaluation Criteria:

Discussed how morbidity and mortality would be used to develop prevention strategies aimed at increasing attention to disease and decreasing adverse health outcomes.

Explained which phenomenon is better to study to develop preventive strategies and justified the answer.

Justified answers with appropriate research and reasoning by using examples and references from textbooks, the South University Online Library, and other acceptable references, citing the sources in APA format.

Commented on the postings of at least two classmates by asking questions, provided a point of view with a rationale, challenged a point of the discussion, or made a relationship between two or more points.

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