Discuss minimum of five benefits of organizational diversity

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This assignment provides an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned in this course to prepare a professional PowerPoint presentation, such as one you might present to coworkers when discussing discrimination. Do your research, and then develop a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. Use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary. Your presentation must include at least the information presented under each heading. It must consist of a minimum of 35 PowerPoint slides, excluding the title and reference slides. Use proper APA formatting when citing sources, including your textbook. (Remember that unmonitored Internet sources, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable.) If you need to review guidelines for effective PowerPoint presentations:

TOPIC: Racial Discrimination

1. Discuss a minimum of five benefits of organizational diversity.

2. How have changes in the racial makeup of the U.S. population impacted racial discrimination?

3. Explain the historical background of race in America and the concept of “White privilege.”

4. Discuss affirmative action and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as it relates to race in America. What are the major components of each piece of legislation?

5. Compare and contrast two racial groups in America on the basis of employment, education, and income levels.

6. Provide case information on a minimum of two lawsuits related to race discrimination in the United States.

7. Discuss a minimum of three reasons for the persistence of racial discrimination in America.

8. Explain how racial discrimination can lead to in-group favoritism and out-group bias in the workplace.

Reference no: EM131399957

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