Discuss managed cares role in promoting health
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Analyze managed care principles that influence access, finance and delivery of healthcare Write a paper that includes the following elements:

Provide a thorough analysis of managed care, and discuss how it, as a delivery method, has facilitated the transfer of health services to outpatient and other nontraditional settings of care.

Discuss the impact managed care has on the access, financing, and delivery of health care in the United States.

Discuss managed care's role in promoting health.

Note: Use APA style and 3 scholarly references.


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The present consideration of health care services and its delivery in the community is not only composed of services by professionals, but is a mixture of administrative, management, and ancillary professional responsibility sharing. The said transformation in the health care trend that provide effective health management and restoration services to the patient is thus evidenced in terms of reduced volume of in-patient. The importance thus lies with the efficient management of the operational activity of health care settings in conjunction with managed care principles. These terms are incorporated into the routine health care procedure for the reason that it ultimately affects the access for services to the community members, manages the financial prospect, and improves the delivery of health care services. The scope of present report is thus based on identification of key terms involved in managed care and its corresponding assessment (Leslie & Rosenheck, 2014). In particular, the discussion is focused on delivery method that facilitates the transfer of health related care and services to outpatient as well as to other ancillary cum non-traditional prospect of health management.

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