Discuss jit-just-in-time and lean production

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1. Define B2B market and also discuss how EDI is playing a role in B2B market.

2. Discuss JIT-Just-in-Time and Lean Production.

3. How does RFID work and differentiate with bar coding. Also what is the impact of RFID in B2B e-Commerce.

4. Discuss Collaborative Commerce and its benefits.

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Reference no: EM13713162

Conflict between economic growths versus equity

Discuss your understanding of the seeming conflict between economic growths versus equity. Specifically, does the Congress or a section of the Congress promote economic growth

Decrease in advertising budget

Ql= the number of Paradise Lakes lots purchased per year Pl= the price of a Paradise Lakes lot Pc= the price of a competing land companys lots I=average annual household incom

Explain the importance of agriculture

Explain the importance of agriculture to Brazil’s current success. What role will agriculture play in Brazil’s future? What are the implications of this for other countries? H

Did the policy act as a price ceiling or a price floor

In the late eighteenth century, the price of bread in New York City was controlled, set at a predetermined price above the market price. Draw a diagram showing the effect of t

Stable equilibrium-competitors in hotelling model

Why is it possible to have a stable equilibrium with two competitors in the Hotelling model but not three? What we happen if there were four competitors. The usual assumptio

What will be monopolists profit from price discrimination

A movie monopolist sells to college students and other adults. The demand function for students is QdS = 800 100P and the demand function for other adults is QdA = 1800 100P.

Movement along demand curve and shift in demand curve

How did Adam Smith justify the new economic system which was later to be called capitalism? Explain the difference between a movement along a demand curve and a shift in the d

The market for beer is perfectly competitive

The market for beer is perfectly competitive. The price of a barrel of beer is $40. Fine beers is a company that produces the beer and has a total cost funtion of TC = 480 + Q


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