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Consider a highly visible business person in a leadership position. Discuss this individuals leadership styles/traits in terms of what we have learned from our reading. What characteristics have made this person successful? Since all leaders encounter dissension at some point, what characteristics have helped this person handle conflict and what characteristics have hindered him/her? How could the latter be addressed effectively? Provide examples and cite all resources. To recap, focus on applying the various leadership styles to your real world example instead of providing an assessment of leadership qualities and achievement. At least one reference and APA style citation.


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The paper is the related to the strategic implementation of the policies by the HR within an organization. This paper also highlights the requirement of the new policies and procedures which is initiated by the HR in an organization. This paper has been prepared in Microsoft Word Document.

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    The initial word file has some discrepancies but after few modifications, I got 21/25 marks. The turn around time was really quick and fast. The cost for assignment is also affordable. The details that are being provided by the expert in the solution depicts a high calibrate version of work.

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