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Prepare a 6-7 double spaced pages Leadership Analysis Paper

You will observe leadership in the workplace and retain notes of the observations. Applicable approaches to leadership should be identified, along with your own reactions and any actions you subsequently took as a leader, recipient or observer. If you were not the leader, what actions would you have taken, had you been the leader that might be different from the behaviors and actions you observed? The report (5-7 pages) should address: what you observed; how you reacted; what actions you may have taken, and how you saw the situations in relation to the approaches to leadership we have been studying, including relevant theories/models. In addition to your personal experiences, identify and discuss in some detail the impact of the leadership styles you observed in your workplace on the work unit and other co-workers. Conclude with a set of actions you believe can be taken to improve or enhance the leadership behaviors you took or observed. The report should maintain anonymity of the people in your workplace.

Here is a useful criteria link to evaluate the leader: http://ourpublicservice.org/publications/viewcontentdetails.php?id=94

Reference no: EM131038534

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