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Discussion question 1 (400-500 words, 2 references)

• Within the context of the NRF, if you were a local emergency manager, discuss how you would best prepare your community for a large-scale emergency attack or disaster.

Hint: First determine which hazards are most prevalent in your community. Include which sources you would approach for funding requests, how you would decide which emergency services get the most funding, training, and resources, and which community volunteer groups and private sectors you would partner with.

Discussion question 2 (250-350 words, 2 references)

Select one of the 18 risk-based performance standards (RBPSs) in the DHS's Risk-Based Performance Standards Guidance: Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards resource to address the following question:


• Describe your selection in detail, and explain why you think your selection may be the optimal choice for mitigating a terrorist attack on a high-risk chemical facility.

Reference no: EM131223391

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