Discuss how you intend to use your skills and talents

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The essay that you are about to write must be your own writing ONLY !! NO SORCES , ONLY YOUR OWN WRITING AND THINKING.

Write 500 or more words essay double spaced about this topic ((( Throughout history, people have used their skills and talents to make the the world a better place for humanity. Discuss how you intend to use your skills and talents to serve the humanity. [ may specify a grub of people, for example, children, persons with long term illnesses.] )))

The essay should include introduction, body ( 3 paragraphs ), and conclusion.

The thesis statement should be clear and concise and inform the reader on the main subject matter of the essay.

The ideas and argument in the essay should be developed, logical, and supported by examples.

NOTE: Please check your spelling, grammar, and word choice and usage, asa well as consistency in sentence structure, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, and spacing.

Reference no: EM131361461

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