Discuss how this video either correlates with or argues

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When you look at the picture (above), do you see a child who feels secure with his caregiver? In any given day you no doubt come across many such children. It is important for us when working with children to fully understand not only what a secure attachment is, but also what it means for the future of each child's development.

For this discussion, begin by watching the video The Role of Attachment in Infancy on later mental and physical health outcomes (GreenbaumWilkinson, 2012).

Then include the following:

Discuss how this video either correlates with or argues against your views on what it means to have a secure attachment. Provide your rationale as to why you feel this way.

How does this video specifically correlate with Bowlby's theory on development?

State how each of the factors that affect attachment security (in chapter 10 of your text) directly impacts your future work with children.

Lastly, review research on emotional self-regulation on page 408 of your text. How do the caregiving experiences of securely attached infants promote the development of emotional self-regulation?

Reference no: EM131286071

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