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This final project paper will utilize many of the sections of material you have studied during the duration of this course.

You will make use of your own personal observations and occupational experiences to enhance both quality and quantity of the final paper. Whether you are employed in the public sector of safety or the private sector of safety and health management, your expertise and knowledge of dealing with other human beings will provide you with ample value in producing the finished paper.

Task Part I

Discuss how the concepts and knowledge, along with standards and professional qualifications, you have gained in this course relate to the following professional occupational positions:

- fire marshal,

- plan examiner,

- fire inspector,

- life safety educator, and

- fire investigator.

Your explanation of the concepts and knowledge related to the five positions should be limited to a minimum of two full pages but should not exceed three pages.

Task Part II

Describe the relationship between the contents of this course and your present occupational position or your desired future occupational position.

Your relationship between concepts and knowledge to your present or desired future occupational position should be limited to a minimum of one page but shou ld not exceed two pages.

Introduction to Fire Prevention 10

Include specific references to specific topics found in the textbook (e.g., fire prevention and protection methods, fire protection systems, and record keeping and preservation). These are but a few of the possibilities. Do not limit your paper strictly to the example given.

Your paper should be in APA format and include both in-text and reference citations. Your sources should include: textbook, related journals or magazines, and related sources from the Internet.

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