Discuss how relevance of values to health policy

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1. For an individual involved in the policy analysis process, political feasibility entails his or her:

ability to persuade others to adopt the policy.

aptitude for generating a range of policy alternatives.

talent for implementing policy once it has been approved.

skill at adopting the policy quickly once it has been implemented.

2. Which of the following is a reason that health care policies often fail?

Most proposed health care policies are not based on sound scientific principles.

Supporters often lack sufficient political leverage to meet the threshold for adoption.

Most people are perfectly happy with the current system and resist change.

Few of the most important players in the health care arena have been willing to make compromises.

3. The process by which stakeholders address a particular policy issue is called:

political feasibility.

coalition building.

aggregate political leverage.

agenda setting.

4. Which of the following is the MOST credible source of scientific data?

Summaries of data printed in major newspapers such as The New York Times.

Findings published in peer-reviewed journals by academic researchers.

Reports and studies generated by think tanks and drug companies.

Articles posted on alternative medicine blogs and websites.

5. ____________ considers the benefits of a program in terms of the number of lives saved.

6. According to Cleverly and Cameron, it is equally important that public- and private-sector financial systems _________________________

7. What is meant by the term incrementalism in the context of health care policy development?(essay)

8. Discuss how relevance of values to health policy.(essay)

9. The effectiveness of a proposed policy is generally quite clear once it is implemented.T/F?

10. In cost analysis, it is best to begin by discussing monetary costs.T/F?

11. The timing of elections can have a major impact on whether an elected official is willing-or unwilling-to propose a particular health policy.T/F?

Reference no: EM131227985

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