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What can a group of engineers who had scant resources, limited support, and a cast of characters straight out of a sit com teach you about successful teams? Read the article: Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (1992). What makes a team work?. Organizational Dynamics, 2134-44. Think about what made this group so successful. It was not financial rewards - group members said they did not work for money. It was not because they had well-defined and perfectionist goals - the team leader believed that "not everything worth doing is worth doing well". It was not because the team was led by a good communicator- the team leader was called the "Prince of Darkness" by the team members because he was so unapproachable. What was it?

In addition: Answer the following questions, and submit your answers in a written paper. Head each section of your paper to correspond to the numbers below (1, 2) below:

1. Discuss how organizational culture made the Eagle Group successful. Be sure to apply the course material, and use critical thinking skills and examples from the article to support your statements.
2. How can you apply some of the elements that made the Eagle Group so successful to your team in this class?

Provide a title page and your content can be anything between 350-650 words. In APA style with sources 

Reference no: EM13739134

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