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Literature Essay

You are required to carefully examine and evaluate a body of literature in your attempt to answer one of the following questions designed below.

Select ONLY one of the following:

(1)     Discuss how organisational commitment encourages knowledge sharing.

(2)     Discuss how an individual's tacit and explicit experiential knowledge can be transferred.

(3)     Discuss what kind of organisational culture promotes organisational learning.

(4)     Discuss what are the positives and negatives of the SECI Model.

(5)     Discuss innovative knowledge repositories that can enable and sustain KM.

Other Instructions

Purpose of Assignment:

  • To familiarise you with current literature on Knowledge Management and help you investigate into the current burgeoning issues in the field.
  • To enhance the material covered in lectures and workshops in order to provide you with a breadth and depth of information that will further develop your understanding of knowledge management issues and contexts in Australian organisations.o ensure you critically analyse the chosen topic.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Critically analyse the topic. Include the reasons why the issues you discuss are significant.
  • Essay Format
  • The writing of essay on literature demands tight organisation and control of your central idea and it must have several paragraphs that grow systematically out of the central idea and everything must directly contribute to the reader's understanding of that central idea.
  • By attempting to answer in the essay you will develop your argument and the central idea.
  • All references must be correctly cited in the body of the assignment and direct quotations must be acknowledged. A minimum of 8 references from recent journal articles ranging from 2000 to 2013 should be used. You can see older references in addition. Use the Harvard Referencing.

Other Details: 

  • Word Count Limit: 1500 words

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