Discuss how operational performance objectives may influence

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Critically analyse the theory, concepts and models of operations and information management and demonstrate an understanding of the strategic importance of information management in global organisations.

Analyse and critically evaluate the ways in which operations are adapted according to specific market culture and customer requirements in order to achieve operational excellence

Justify the value of understanding, measuring, reducing and preventing quality costs and understand the application of planning & control techniques.

Select and apply appropriate problem-solving and improvement approaches for information systems in organisations.

The manufacturing/service process design is based on a considerable number of different variables and represents, in essence, a number of trade-offs. Depending on the nature of the business, the nature of the product, and the nature of the market place, the chosen process design will obviously be different.

A) By taking as an example a product or a service from an industry that you are familiar with, critically discuss the main factors that influence the manufacturing/service process design.

B) Discuss how the five operational performance objectives may influence decision-making associated with process design and layouts.

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Reference no: EM13675049

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