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Total word count is 2000 words excluding diagrams, tables and references.

please don't forget to mention academic references as a requirement of assignment.

Exam Question

Answer only one of the questions below (a or b). Answer ‘a' if Lean Systems are already employed in the organisation Answer ‘b' if the organisation does not employ Lean Systems. Be sure to state in your introduction if you are answering a or b.


a) Consider the operations function of the organisation where you are currently or were previously employed and critically discuss how Lean Systems facilitate the continuous improvement of its processes.


b) Consider the operations function of the organisation where you are currently or were previously employed and critically discuss the implementation issues and strategic advantages of Lean Systems if a decision is made to implement Lean Systems in the organisation.

Take Away Exam Instructions

- This is an individual piece of work and it must not be communicated to other students in any way whatsoever.

- This Take Away Exam makes up 50% of the overall grade for this course.

- The account of your selected organisation should not be too lengthy; of more importance are relevant references to the literature, and demonstration of your critical faculties in weighing theory against practice. You must focus on the Operations Function and not on the Supply Chain.

- Your assignment answer must be grounded in an appropriate theoretical framework and show evidence of comprehensive original research (minimum 4 academic sources in addition to the core text book) into the subject matter.

You are expected to provide insight and argument and not simply provide a description of the subject matter.

- You should draw on concepts and theories discussed in Operations and Process Management, Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact, 3rd edition, 2012, Slack, Brandon-Jones, Johnston, Betts, FT Prentice Hall, your module Study Guide, and from your wider reading and research to support your analysis and justify your critical factors and recommendations.

You should only employ credible research sources. I suggest you consult the MBS Library Services for information on a wide range of research resources and services (e.g. Harvard Business Review).

The Operations Management Reading List is available at: http://www.readinglists.manchester.ac.uk/lists/2FAA5122-3A05-1627-8F70- BE41BE357625.html

You may also find the following links useful:


My learning essentials:

- The maximum word count for this assignment is 2,000 words +/-10% (excluding diagrams, figures, tables and references). The submission must be in Microsoft Word format. Submissions using pdf, etc. may be returned to students.

- Your submission should have a logical and coherent structure and be well presented. It is essential that you properly attribute all quotes, ideas, models, frameworks etc. that you include in your discussion and analysis.

This includes any material that you may download from internet sources. Full references must be given for all sources using only the Harvard Referencing Convention. Before commencing you must read UML: Essential Guide to the Harvard System of Referencing which is available on Blackboard.

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Reference no: EM13868136

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