Discuss how it may be applied to child rearing
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Need an essay based on information found in a textbook

"Psychology and Your Life" by Robert S. Feldman. Note: The only source you may use is the textbook. If you use the exact words of your textbook's authors, you must use quotation marks and cite the information properly.


Begin by reviewing Chapter 5 beginning on page 162.
Chapter 5 discusses operant conditioning, and B. F.

Skinner's contributions to the field in particular with his discussion on rewards and punishment. Then, write your essay about one of the following topics:

1. Choose one of these conditioning/learning styles and discuss how it may be applied to child rearing. In essay format, create a plan to help get a young child to clean his/her room.

2. Conditioning still plays a role in punishment, and the text discusses the pros and cons of punishment and why reinforcement "beats" punishment. Explain the theory behind this phenomenon and give an example of it by how you used it when training an animal.


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We are learning different things, and our life is influenced by the internal and external environment factors. It is the duty of the person to develop required skills and talents in order for achieving the personal as well as professional goals. According to the words of famous psychologist B.F Skinner (1990) behavior of a person will change based on the changes in the internal and external environment. Operant conditioning theory mainly focuses on the changes in the learning behavior of the person. Our life is influenced by so many factors in which it is our duty to manage the factors which are directly affecting our life. The behavior of a person will be modified when he faces tough challenges from the controlled environment. According to the words of Robert S. Feldman (1993) people can able to learn new behavior and practices when they are in a systematic process. It is the duty of the managers and the companies to motivate the employees for getting quality services and performances. With the support of operant conditioning principles we can able to manage the workforce in an effective way. Now we can analyze the aspects related with the operant conditioning in child rearing.

Operant conditioning in child rearing

Operant conditioning techniques and methods are highly helpful for the parents to develop the child in a fruitful way. We know the fact that children will show different behaviors during their development stage. According to the words of B.F Skinner (1990) if we are positively reinforce the people it helps for changing their behavior and they will provide quality output. In the case of child also we can able to use this strategy by positively reinforce the child when they are showing the good behavior or acts.

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