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Part 1:

Discussion 1:

Discuss how forecasting effects the supply chain of an automobile manufacturer. Consider especially the forecasting and supply chains involved in manufacturing a new model (entirely new, not an edition/annual change). How do the individual supply chains for the subparts effect the larger supply chain of the whole automobile. How does forecasting effect the just-in-time or lean production system used in most automobile manufacturing plants?

Example of a typical automobile supply chain:

• Suppliers for raw materials

• Suppliers for parts and subsystems

• Automobile manufacturer (Ford, in the example). Within a company, there are also different departments, which constitute the internal supply chain:

• Purchasing and material handling

• Manufacturing

• Marketing, etc.

• Transportation providers

• Automobile dealers

Discussion 2:

Create a rudimentary supply chain for delivering canned peaches to the consumer. Discuss the sources of uncertainty within this supply chain. What are the risks? How could the manufacturer mediate the risks?

Part 2:

Discussion 1:

Manufacturers have to establish parameters for what is to be produced and in what quantity how does utilizing a supply contract aid both parties in terms of their roles/responsibilities involving the supply chain?

Discussion 2:

Read the article, "Managing the Supply Chain: If Only I Could See," and discuss the following:

• The level of outsourcing found at your current employer, past employer, or company that you are familiar with. Describe the business functions within that organization where most outsourcing takes place.

• Of the five recommendations given by the author to increase visibility, which are currently being pursued in your company?

• Our text discusses several types of supply contracts. Choose one contract and explain if, and how, increased visibility would benefit the supplier, the buyer, or both parties.

Part 3:

Discussion 1:

Read the Case: Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement (p. 172-177). Given the uncertainty of fan demand associated with a team or player, how should a manufactured of sports apparel like Reebok approach inventory planning? What happens when a player or team suddenly loses their fan base?

Discussion 2:

Compare and contrast the push-pull strategy used in supply chain management and in what specific ways can it impact the manufacturing process?

Part 4:

Discussion 1:

Your text explores the strategies of transshipment and inventory pooling in chapter 7. List and describe at least two similarities between transshipment and inventory pooling strategies. Identify two companies or supply chains of that use transshipment strategies and why is transshipment a good strategy for them? Why would inventory pooling not be a better choice for these companies or supply chains?

Discussion 2:

Identify and describe the three types of retailer supplier partnerships discussed in chapter 8. Manufacturers and retailers occasionally find using third parties to perform certain aspects of the materials management and /or product distribution functions beneficial. Why might this be the case? Provide details in your response.

Part 5:

Discussion 1:

Discuss how a product's life-cycle can impact the buy/make aspect of the supply chain (refer to Section 9.3 in your text). Are there different times/phases in a product life-cycle when it would make sense to change from a buy/make aspect to an outsourced aspect (for the same part/aspect)?

Discussion 2:

Read the Case: Wal-Mart Changes Tactics to Meet International Tastes. Other than profit, what other reasons would Wal-Mart have for opening stores globally? Why would Wal-Mart want strong centralized or localized control of its stores?

Part 6:

Discussion 1:

The manufacturing process utilizes technology clock speed for the manufacturing of a product or good. In what ways may clock speed differ and what products are manufactured under a particular clock speed.

Discussion 2

Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) utilizes technology which emits radio signals to help track the shipment of goods. Discuss two or three companies you know that use this technology and how does this benefit the organization's supply chain?

Reference no: EM13720732

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