Discuss four activities related to human resource planning
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1. Discuss the four activities related to human resource planning (job analysis, HR inventory, HR forecast, a comparison) as an important part of one of the functions of management - staffing. Feel free to use your own experience and respond to your classmates.

2. Imagine that you are a manager responsible for hiring an IT person, specialized in Java. You want this person to have a second-degree education in IT, some work experience and an international experience. The pay for this position is quite high. Where would you look for the right applicants?

3. What kind of compensation would you suggest to each of the following groups of employees: a/ people five years away before they retire, b/ young married ones, planning having a baby and c/ single one in their thirties?

4. Today, more and more electronic business communication is replacing face-to-face communication. Is it true or not? What related (dis)advantages could you present? How does it look in your organization?

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