Discuss fit between company strategy and its context

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Analyse one (1) of the following case studies (Grant et al, 2014)

  • Qantas
  • Fortescue metals

In this assignment you are required to analyse the strategic management of one of two specific Australian companies, either Qantas or Fortescue metals. In addition to the case study material your analysis needs to include additional research. You need to discuss the following:

a) Provide a situational analysis of the company under investigation.

b) Discuss the fit between the company strategy and its context.

c) Analyse and evaluate the current strategic approach in the organisation.

d) Discuss the fit between the company strategy and its goals and expectations.

e) Outline the future for the organisation you have chosen based on their current situation and strategy.

Word limit: 4000 words)

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Reference no: EM13739043

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