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The defendant is homeless. One cold night in January, he breaks into a convenience store to stay warm. He sleeps comfortably for several hours. When he wakes up, he takes approximately $100 worth of food from the store. Please explain the defendant's criminal liability as it applies to the crimes of Burglary, Trespass and Larceny.

The defendant and his wife, Mary, have been married twenty years. One Friday, Mary told the defendant that she had to babysit at her sister's home and would be back later that evening. On Friday evening, the defendant received a text message from his friend that stated: "What's Up W/Mary"? The text showed a photo of Mary in a compromising position with another male at a romantic table for two at a restaurant. Enraged, the defendant drives to the resturant. (It took thirty minutes to get there). The defendant sees Mary at the table with her male companion, pulls out a gun, and kills her. Discuss the defendant's criminal liability as it applies to murder and voluntary manslaughter. (Include in your answer the elements of both crimes and your reasoning for the crime you believe the defendant is guilt of).

We have studied and discussed the complexities of sexual assault crimes (rape). List and explain the reasons why sexual assault crimes are difficult to prove.

John, a career criminal, decides to rob a bank. He approaches a 70 year-old bank teller, pulls out a firearm and states, "don't make me use this." Scared to death, the teller has a heart attack and dies. After taking the money, John is later apprehened.

Is John guilty of felony murder? Please include in your answer the definition of robbery and felony murder. DEFEND YOUR ANSWER!!

I've always said that our criminal justice system isn't perfect, but it is nevertheless the best in the world. Now that you've nearly completed this course, please give me your candid opinion of the system. Include in your answer whether you think it is a fair system, and give me suggestions on how you would improve it

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Reference no: EM131099660

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