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In addition to bringing about positive behavior change among inmates, reducing recidivism, and making the society safer, effective prison programming also improves facility operations by reducing prisoner idleness and institutional violence.

Moreover, effective prison programming can have a substantial impact on prison operations and the overall criminal justice system and lead to improved prison operations and reduced chances of violence inside prisons.

Also, prison programming can save the criminal justice system a lot of money by reducing recidivism. The result is less money spent on corrections and adjudication of repeat offenders. Presently, considering the amount of money allocated to corrections, people expect prison programs to be effective and capable of lowering recidivism rates.

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In at least 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following:

Discuss current trends and prison programs and how they help in the daily management of inmates.

Discuss examples of common rehabilitation programs that you could find in prisons. You may include examples from prisoner reentry programs or individual programs for prisoners.

List and discuss the types of programs that reduce chances for violence or focus on prosocial behavior.

Reference no: EM13987267

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