Discuss challenges from changes in culture

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1. You are required to carry out this task individually.
2. If any two student work is found to be similar, both the students would be awarded an ‘F' grade.
3. As per University Policy instructors has to process all take home assignments through TURNITIN plagiarism software and any assignment found more that 20% similarity will not be accepted.
4. Last date for submitting this assignment is 10th August 2016
5. Every student is required to upload the Research Assignment on the portal before the due date of submission individually with his Name, Students Id and Section on the first page.
6. Use the file name specified by the instructor for the assignment (normally your name course number) [Majid MNGT 345]
7. For any work submitted after due date, one mark shall be deducted for each day from the awarded marks.
8. No assignment shall be accepted after the final exam has started.

Review existing literature on the issues related to management of human resources in mergers and acquisitions to discuss the following:
1. Discuss challenges from changes in culture.
2. Discuss challenges due to workforce diversity.
3. Discuss the International Staffing Practices.
4. Discuss the Ethical Issues faced by Multinational Corporation.

Your assignment should be analytical, resourceful and complete with bibliographical sources with proper referencing within the work and in bibliography.

Your assignment should be around 2000 words (8-10 pages) excluding bibliography. The report should be typed in Microsoft Word, font Times New Roman, size 12 and spacing 1.5. Cover page should clearly indicate the names, student ID and section.
Reports should be uploaded on portal before the due date of submission.

Reference no: EM131161297

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