Discuss case that affected the due process of juveniles

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In this assignment, you will discuss the three major cases that affected the due process of juveniles and further served to balance the juvenile justice system. You are strongly encouraged to utilize the required reading listed in this unit for this assignment. Please be sure to provide the following components:

  • Include an overview of each of the following cases of Kent v. United States, In re Gault, and In re Winship (at least three paragraphs/one for each of the cases).
  • Include how each case affected due process (at least three paragraphs/one for each of the cases).
  • Therefore, you must have at least six paragraphs total (three overview and three due process).

Your completed assignment must be a minimum of one full page in length and should be completed using the form located in your course syllabus.

Reference no: EM131335116

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