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Part A - Tax Policy

Discuss whether a capital gains tax, in your opinion, would result in a more equitable tax system in New Zealand.

Part B - Residency

Your client is an Australian by birth. He works on container ships. He lives in Australia during some of his non-work weeks and also visits New Zealand fairly frequently to visit his former spouse and his children. He maintains a vehicle and bank account and an investment property in New Zealand.

Discuss whether your client is a tax resident in New Zealand?

Part C - Case Brief

Draft a case brief ofBryson v Three Foot Six Ltd (2005) 22 NZTC 19,242 using the case brief template provided below.

Reference no: EM13176649

Would any other method offer an advantage

What advantages does the cash method of accounting offer to the company? Give reasons for your answer. Would any other method offer an advantage? Give reasons for your

Corporation tax return for the lawson and norman

During the year of 2013, Lawson And Norman Enterprises, Inc. reported the following Income and Expenses (including necessary accruals) for Financial Accounting purposes - P

Tax cost of providing the public education

Public schools are financed by tax dollars and provide a certain level of education for every student who enrolls. The tax cost for the public school is the same whether one c

Advise the employees who are tax resident in country y

Furthermore, advise the employees who are tax resident in country Y - but who carry out their activity in country X - as to whether a transfer of the tax residence of Alfa P

Different depreciation methods for tax

Discuss the difference between the straight-line method of depreciation and the accelerated methods. Why do companies use different depreciation methods for tax and financia

Advise jack and jill of their income tax consequences

Advise Jack and Jill of their income tax consequences arising out of the above information under both the diminishing value method and the prime cost method (if relevant) fo

Public economics - taxation

Public Economics - Taxation, What if Matt had put his money in a Roth IRA instead and tax rate Matt faces in this problem will be the same in all years from now through retire

What is a potential risk associated with yongs strategies

Yong recently paid his accountant $10,000 for elaborate tax planning strategies that exploit the timing strategy. Assuming this is an election year and there could be a powe


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