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Question 1 - Choose ONE of the following and answer in detail and with reflection from your book:

1) Discuss Brother Damien's Influence on Dinty and how it affects his project.

2) Discuss Father Kennedy's Influence on Dinty and how it affects his project and understanding of both Buddhism and Catholicism.

3) What begins Dinty's "American Buddhism" Project? Specifically, what things are happening in the world that interests him in doing this?

Question 2 - Choose ONE of the following and answer with detail and reflection from your reading:

1) What events occur at Change your Mind Day? Be detailed How is this Buddhist experience different than the Tibetan and Zen retreats Dinty has experienced so far?

2) Describe Dinty's "Work Koan" and how he wrestles with being a Buddhist yet making a living (earning money) and surviving in our world at the same time (Make sure to included a detailed description of his interaction with Patrick and Linsi in your answer)

3) Compare and contrast Dinty's dokusan experience with Daido-shi and Bhante G How are the experiences different what does Dinty conclude?

Question 3 - Choose ONE of the following and answer with detail and reflection:

1) Describe Dinty's "ladybugs- experiment What does he think about Buddhism's notion of not killing sentient beings? What ethical issues does he wrestle with and what are his conclusions?

2) What happens when Dinty goes to to see the Dalai Lama? What are severalissuesthat the Dalai Lama discusses and what is Dinty surprised by? Describe in detail and what Dinty's overall conclusions of seeing this holy leader are

3) Dinty spends much of his project doing sitting meditation and silent retreat What is his evolution with these retreats? Give a few specific examples of his experiences with this outside of the traditional retreats like ZMM, etc.

Question 4 - Choose ONE of the following options and answer in DETAIL:

1) What are Dinty's specific views on how Buddhism addresses suffering in comparison to how Catholicism addresses suffering?

2) Discuss Geshe la s Three Principle Aspects of the Path to Enlightenment and how he explains them (with examples) to Dinty.

3) What are Dinty's conclusions about Buddhism in America? Can one be authentically Buddhist and live an "American.' lifestyle? What kind of Buddhist if any does Dinty conclude he is How does this Buddhism project affect his religious views and his beliefs in God?

Question 5 - For this essay, choose one of the following and give much detail and reflection from both the book and youe own thoughts. Do not be vague - give specifics and really give your all:

1) Discuss in detail the impact of Dinty's Catholic upbringing on this current Buddhism project. What were his experiences growing up? How does he reconcile the two religions in his life? How does he describe the differences and similarities between the two? How does his relationship with Brother Damien and Father Kennedy influence this?

2) Give a detailed compare/contrast essay between several of Dinty's Buddhist experiences including the Zen, Tibetan and Theravada retreats. What does he experience at each? How does he view each retreat and activities? What are the main differences between the three? Give a thorough summary and analysis. Which retreat did you enjoy most (or could picture yourself at if any)?

Reference no: EM13893752

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