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Every business competes for additional revenue and increased market share. With few exceptions, most of the products and services they offer are undifferentiated and are easily replaced with other substitutes from rival competitors. This commoditization puts businesses at a disadvantage and many resort to competing on price rather than quality or other distinguishing features/benefits. • Identify and discuss at least one specific market segment that a well-known brand targets. • Identify and discuss an example of consumer (B2C) or industrial (B2B) products/services that have become commoditized. •Other than becoming the lowest cost provider, how can a business differentiate their offerings?

Reference no: EM132185212

Construct an aon network for these activities

The activities needed to build a prototype laser scanning machine at Dave Fletcher Corp. are listed in the following table. Construct an AON network for these activities

Individuals preconceived notions and prejudices

How do you think individuals' preconceived notions, prejudices, and their own interpretations of other cultures impact the workplace? How might you employ the psychodynamic ap

Estimated service life of halogen headlight

The estimated service life of a halogen headlight is normally distributed with a mean of 500 hours and a standard deviation of 40 hours. Determine the probability of burning o

Understand the basic approaches to ethical decision-making

Explain why you think it's important for Hotel Chocolat managers to understand the basic approaches to ethical decision-making and what steps they need to take to ensure ethic

Types of debt are desirable for a healthcare organization

Does adding debt increase or decrease the flexibility of a healthcare provider? Why or why not? Explain which types of debt are most desirable for a healthcare organization.

Based on the current age of the head of the household

Long-Life Insurance has developed a linear model that it uses to determine the amount of term life insurance a family of four should have, based on the current age of the head

Paper on a construction-related fall accident

You are asked to prepare a Research Paper on a construction-related fall accident. To prepare you for the Research Paper, you will need to gain some knowledge and familiarit

Address the three stages of the strategic management process

Discuss how you will apply the strategic management process in your Strategic Plan? Address the three stages of the strategic management process. How will this help you achiev


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