Discuss and describe who is involved in the decision-making
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Part I: Begin your paper by presenting an overview of current research and scholarly views on this topic. Focus your research on effective decision making, group vs individual decision making, span of control, etc. Utilize Google Scholar, Lexis Nexis Academic, or any other research search engine to find and present these foundational concepts. The first section of your submission should not mention your chosen company. In the second part of this assignment you will articulate current practices of your chosen company, and compare them to your research findings.

Part II: Second, conduct and present research that evaluates the decision making process within the organization. Be sure to provide specific examples of complex decisions that have been made. Discuss and describe who is involved in the decision-making and who is impacted by the decision-making. s the decision making centralized or decentralized? Evaluate the effectiveness of this process. Identify how the practices of your chosen company align with current research. Please read this week's announcement for additional content guidelines.

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