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Question :Assignment Objectives 

Understand the definitions of important emergency management terms such as catastrophe, threats, and mitigations. 

Discuss and describe the emergency management concepts of, and organizational functions related to, preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery. 

Emergency managers focus on preparation for potential emergencies, disasters, and catastrophic events and on coordinating the response to those events. Emergency managers are the experts in the field of emergency management, and as experts, they are often called upon to provided information and advice to policy makers such as city managers, city councils, police chiefs and their staffs, fire chiefs and their staffs, and private-sector stakeholders. 

Assignment Guidelines 

For this assignment, you must write 750-1,000 words in which you define and briefly explain the basic concepts associated with emergency management and the role emergency management plays in the city's homeland security efforts.

You should ensure that your list of definitions and explanations includes the following important terms associated with emergency management and homeland security:

Emergency management


Homeland security


Incident command system







Next, provide brief descriptions (1-2 sentences) of those terms.

You should include appropriate examples to help ensure that your city council has a practical understanding of the concepts in your presentation.

Reference all sources properly using APA style.


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Emergency management, also known as disaster management, are the plans or strategies that are formed by the management in order to deal with natural or man-made disasters and emergencies. The company having an efficient emergency management is less vulnerable to hazards and can better cope up with disasters. Emergency management not only aims at eliminating the threats that are posed to the management, but also aims at coining the best recovery ways in case of a disaster or hazard.


1)Terrorism ? it is a man-made threat to cause harm to a security or information system in order to compromise important information or to gain temporary access and authorization.

2)Homeland Security ? it is an organisation that works to ensure security and privacy of homeland against terrorism and other hazards.

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