Discuss advantages of corporations and the main deterrent

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Part ONE: Discuss the advantages of corporations and the main deterrent (double taxation). VERY IMPORTANT

Part TWO: SCorps and Limited Liability companies help alleviate this problem of double taxation, discuss how they do this.

Remember to respond to at least three other student's postings and to provide your source of information even if it is only the text.

Reference no: EM131244366

Unused portion of the building for video game rentals

The World of Videos operates a retail store that rents movie videos. For each of the last 10 years, World of Videos has consistently earned profits exceeding $30,000 per year.

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Natasha has been told that if she reduces the thermostat setting on the heating system at her home by 1 degree, she will be able to reduce her present annual energy consumptio

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Why might variations in the dollar's value in terms of other currencies cause the trade deficit to move independently from the changes in the government budget deficit.

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Kermit is considering purchasing a new computer system. The purchase price is $123560. Kermit will borrow one-fourth of the purchase price from a bank at 10 percent per year c

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The GI Bill provided educational opportunities to many young men returning from military   service. Using a production possibilities curve, demonstrate how the GI Bill affecte

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The market is in long-run equilibrium. What market structure best describes the pizza market in this town? Explain. What is average variable cost at this output level for each

Transfer welfare program in standard income leisure model

Compare between EITC program and cash transfer welfare program in the standard income leisure model. Explain using the income-leisure model when an unemployment benefit progra

Statements to populate at least

Create a table named Faculty Courses to store the Faculty and the Courses they have taught. Youshould design the table based on the Faculty and Courses tables you previously


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