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Tittle: Proposal of a clinical practice guide for: management and prevention of Female Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility.


Scienti?c journals generally use the same format, which includes the following: title, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references (Box 12-1). There may also be supplementary sections such as acknowledgements, ?gures, and tables. APA style.


I. Abstract State the problem, the methods (including number of subjects), and the main conclusions.

II. Introduction Provide the context and rationale for the study. State the purpose of the study, provide a review of the literature, point out de?ciencies in the current body of research, and state how the study hopes to address one or more of these de?ciencies.

III. Methods Provide the "map" or "recipe" for conducting the study and be sure it is written so that any investigator can repeat the study. This section usually includes:

¦ A description of how the data were collected

¦ A description of the sample (including the sample size and demographics)

¦ The response rate

¦ Methods for assignment into treatment and control groups (if applicable)

¦ Variable de?nitions, including recoding and modi?cation of variables

¦ A discussion of the statistical methods used and any special challenges or adjustments made

IV. Results Only actual ?ndings are presented. Descriptive statistics about the outcome variables of interest are usually presented ?rst. The results of both bivariate and multivariate analysis are presented in this section. Note that important ?ndings are presented in both tables and the text; less important or less interesting ?ndings can be discussed in one or the other. Interpretation of the ?ndings should not appear in the results section.

V. Discussion Study limitations and strengths appear in this section. The implications of the ?ndings are discussed here. This section usually includes a comparison of ?ndings with those of earlier studies, a discussion of the implications of the ?ndings for clinical practice and health policy, and the need for future research.

Reference no: EM131335380

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