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1. Imagine that you are a manager in an organization, and your employees are not achieving stated goals. Suggest key strategies that you would use in order to determine and then communicate the goals for your department to your employees.

2. Research a company that you believe has done and excellent job in creating, communicating, and executing its stated strategy. Determine the significant factors that made the implementation of the company's strategy so effective. Provide support for your rationale.

Reference no: EM131383011

Discrimination in promotion and hiring

Identify at least 2 pieces of legislation specifically dealing with discrimination in promotion and hiring. Provide at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each piece o

Evaluate the potential impact of the updated facility

You currently work for the development department of Sunny Manor Nursing and Rehab Center. Sunny Manor was once a privately owned small skilled nursing home in Sunny Beach,

What is media literacy and why is it important

Write a personal essay that describes your three selected cultural products.Include a discussion of the following in your essay:In what ways did your examples shape, change, o

How do results of background check influence your decision

How do the results of the background check influence your decision to hire the applicant? Do you still hire the applicant, despite the results of the background check? Expla

Description of the leader

Write a profile of a leader you know. Preferably, this is someone in management where you work - or where you once worked. If you don't know such a leader, write about some

Hires the categories of employees

A local oil and gas company in Houston hires the following categories of employees: 1. Petroleum Engineers at all levels (entry level, senior level, middle-management level, e

Identify common training problem that organization struggle

you will choose and build a training plan. Identify a common training problem that organizations struggle with and the best way to address this problem. Examples include: ch

Discuss some of the schedule risks you may encounter

Make a list of things you must consider when creating your estimate for the reunion (i.e. food, entertainment, do you need a team of people to help?). Give approximate costs


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