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I. Introduction

A. Given that Elara healthcare aims at improving effectiveness and quality of healthcare, there is a need for measuring effectiveness and data analysis to enhance quality improvements.

B. In order to do so, there is various effectiveness measuring techniques and data analysis strategies that I will propose to ensure that the organization improves.

C. The following concepts are critical in measuring effectiveness or results and also analyzing data to enhance quality improvements in the organization. Some of the concepts include patient and employee satisfaction, resource utilization, teamwork, training outcomes, financial data and performance data. When all these concepts are considered by the healthcare organization, effective measurements and quality improvements will be achieved.

II. Patient and Employee Satisfaction.

A. The first vital concept for measuring results or effectiveness in the organization is through patient and employee satisfaction.

1.According to the study carried out by Rosati, R. J., Marren, J. M., Davin, D. M., and Morgan, C. J. patient, and employee satisfaction can determine how effectiveness or results of an organization are measured. When employees, as well as patients, are satisfied in a healthcare organization, it proves that the organization is doing well. (Rosati, 2009)

2. When employees are satisfied with their job, they tend to perform well with little supervision. When the conditions that satisfy, employees are enhanced, there is likely to be more improvements. Patient satisfaction also proves that healthcare delivery is effective and desirable

B. Financial and performance data is critical when it comes to quality improvement of healthcare. Financial and performance data provide insight into the operation of the organization and areas that need improvements.

1. According to the study carried out by An J.-Y., data is very essential and should be utilized to improve the quality of healthcare. Effective analysis of financial data by organizations generates vital information that is used in decision-making when it comes to improving quality. According to the study, poor performance as obtained from the data implies that there is need to improve the quality of healthcare. Good performance as reflected from the data means that the quality of healthcare is improved and desirable. (J.-Y., 2013)

2. In Elara healthcare, performance and financial data are well analyzed so as to determine areas of improvement, transparency, and accountability. All these data helps the organization improve the quality of healthcare.

3. The management of Elara healthcare has employed experienced personnel to analyze financial data and also monitor performance so as to improve the quality of healthcare. Qualified and experienced personnel are useful in analyzing data to be used in decision making and quality healthcare.

C. Teamwork: This is another concept that is vital in measuring results or effectiveness of the organization.

1. According to Abdallah, A, Teamwork can be vital in implementing effective health care initiative. When there is teamwork in an organization, the performance is likely to improve, and the results will be desirable. (Abdallah, 2014)

2. Elara health care has a strong and good spirit for team work which helps them perform better.

III. Conclusion

a) While some organization continues to experience poor results and low-quality healthcare, Elara healthcare employs effectiveness measuring techniques and data usage for quality improvements. There are a number concepts implied which ensure that the results of the organization and quality improving are at the bar.

Other organizations still have an opportunity to emulate the strategies and techniques used by Elara for quality improvement and effectiveness in future.

Your rough draft should include a cover page, 5 - 7 pages of writing in the body of the paper, and a reference page. The paper should demonstrate a strong thesis statement about your chosen company and how they analyze their own results.

Your research should include at least three library articles. The paper must use in-text citations and references in APA format. You can find more information on APA format in the Online Library, which is accessible through the Resources tab.

Reference no: EM131404156

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