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Quesiton: Final Project and Presentation Prompt

(BA 546*)

Written Portion (20% of Overall Grade):

The objective of the final project is to prompt you to pursue a project of your framing that revolves around the idea of starting and managing a retail business from scratch. Drawing upon the primary readings, lecture notes, and other scholarly sources that support the overall nature of this course you are charged with writing a university level research paper that will serve as the catalyst for your final presentation.

1. Logistics: 5-7 pages, double-spaced, excluding both title and reference pages for a total of 7-9 total pages, submittal wise. Further, I do not care which writing style you do (cp. MLA, APA, Turabian, etc.). All I ask is that you keep it consistent throughout.

2. Submission: Please submit your paper at the beginning of class on the day that you present.

a. Presentation Portion (10% of Overall Grade):

3. During our last two class periods we will sport a Retail Business Exposition (poster driven), where you will take approximately 10 minutes to present and another five minutes to respond to questions from your classmates and the instructor of the course.

a. How will you I be graded on the Paper?

4. Like the midterm, you will be graded for (see attached rubric):

• Organization

• Level of Content

• Development

• Grammar and Mechanics

• Style

• Format

a. How will you I be graded on the Presentation?

5. Per the attached rubric you will be graded with respect to:

• Audience Engagement

• Clarity

• Content

• Creativity

• Presentation Length

• Speaking Skills

Reference no: EM132185191

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