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Please responds to student ..do you agree or disagree

I agree with the author that cybercriminals are rational, strategic and that international cyber security laws helps slows down or prevent cyber -crimes.

They operate the same way as other criminals. For example, burglars won't break into a house which is equipped with the latest state of the art security system.

They will break into a house where the probability of them being caught is less than the probability of walking away.

I also agree with the author that there is a motive behind every cyber -attack. Some of the main motives are;

• Disrupt business operations

• Disrupt or distract businesses while other attack take place

• Use attack to hold a company at ransom

• Competitors seeking to benefit from the attack

• Political motivations

It was interesting to read about the two important theories in criminology-General Deterrence Theory (GDT)and Routine Activity Theory(RAT).

General deterrence theory is basically reactive approach to tackling crime while routine activity theory is a proactive approach to curbing or controlling crime.


Hui, k., Kim, S. H., & Wang, Q. (2017). Cybercrime Deterrence and International Legislation: Evidence from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks.MIS quarterly, 41(2), 497-524.

Reference no: EM132136638

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