Discuss about the importance of the disability

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Question: In at least 12 paragraphs with a paragraph being more than FOUR sentences. Discuss the following:

Title and Year (1)

Characters (in the movie, their relationship to each other and the actors that played them) (5)

Plot (2):

Setting (2)

The Beginning (5)

The Middle (5)

The End (5)

The Disability (2)

The Importance of the Disability with details of characteristics that you viewed in relation to the disability (3)

In your own words summarize the story in one paragraph (5)

Your opinions and/or thoughts about the movie and whether or not you would recommend the movie, to whom and why (3)

Finally create a rating scale (i.e. five stars, thumbs up/thumbs down, happy/sad faces etc....and rate this movie JJJJJL in a ratio format (3)

Grammar, Format, and Spelling (4). Use Grammarly and APA or MLA manual for additional help.

Reference no: EM132184159

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