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Question: Write an argumentative research paper on a topic of your choosing, but related to economics. Remember, although you are not being asked to write a journal-like paper, you are being asked to present an evidence/data/theory-based, well argued piece of work that is more than simply a "report." You must take an economically defensible position and argue for its support using documented evidence and logical analysis. Simply telling your reader what experts say is not enough. In your research, you must use at least four sources. One of your sources must be an academic article from a reputable economics/policy journal or an NBER Working Paper.

Your goal is to convince your reader - an interested observer or policymaker with no prior knowledge of the topic and no training in economics. Be sure to include essential background information and avoid using economics jargon.You have been working all quarter on making your work lean and to the point. This is your last opportunity to demonstrate that you can be careful, clear, and succinct.You may draw directly from any of the writing/charts you have already completed for related assignments throughout the quarter. This draft should reflect any feedback you received in earlier stages of your work, pieces of which you've been working on through the quarter.

Do not forget to acknowledge and address salient counterarguments.

And remember, although there may be all sorts of reasons in support of your assertion - moral, legal, political, etc. - you are writing an economics paper; your arguments need to be rooted in economics.

Proofread. Edit. Rewrite. Remember: this is a final draft of a formal paper.

Use double-spacing, one-inch margins, and a standard font. Your writing should be approximately 5 double spaced pages, not including figures and reference list. Including figures and a reference list may increase the length of your paper

Reference no: EM132183996

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