Discuss about the corporate data mining process

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Corporate Data Mining Process

Learning Outcomes: At the end of the assignment, students should be able:

• To identify data mining applications in a corporate with complete business requirements fulfilled by applying a suitable data mining process.
• To develop a suitable data mining process based on previous available processes.

Company Name: (Choose any Corporate)

Individual Deliverables (Research & Documentation by individual members)

• Task 1: To identify data mining applications in a corporate with complete business requirements.

• Task 2: To justify your answer properly by giving suitable examples why there is a need to apply data mining process on the application you identified.

• Task 3: To develop a suitable data mining process based on previous available processes used in fulfilling the business requirements identified for the process in a corporate.


All tasks above should include proper evaluation and justification.

Use appropriate diagrams or other details wherever possible to illustrate your justifications and explanations.


Based on the above deliverables, you are required to: -

The report should be typed using Microsoft Word.There is no page limit until you satisfy all expected requirements with as many illustrations as possible and with all references provided.


• The separate individual sections of the deliverables should be clearly separated by a section dividing sheet that clearly indicates the author of that section.

• Each individual section must use proper citing techniques and have a separate research references list/bibliography etc. at the end of that section.

• Draw diagrams wherever necessary to explain the justify the architecture.

• Your report(s) must combine all the deliverables in one coherent document.

Reference no: EM131350729

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